Basic Obedience

Learn to communicate better with your pet and improve your relationship

The Training Journey

Begin the Basic Obedience training journey with your pet today! Our certified Trainer will help you establish the foundation that will allow you to communicate effectively with your pet and improve your relationship along the way. Whether you simply want to be able to go for a loose leash walk with your best friend, or you want to be able to handle a variety of challenging, real life situations, we will give you the tools for long-term success. Whatever challenges you may face with your pet, Basic Obedience is an essential part of their training and the key to more advanced training.

*Please set aside at least 1 hour on the day of pickup for Board & Train packages. The trainer will provide a "go home" lesson to make sure you are comfortable handling your newly trained pet and answer any questions you may have.


Board & Train Packages

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    3 Day - Loose leash walking and doorway control (Includes leather leash and training collar)

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    5 Day - Addition of place, sit, and down (Includes leather leash and training collar)

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    7 Day - Addition of recall (Includes leather leash, training collar, and electronic collar)

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for those who have the time and want to learn to train their pet step-by-step. Because we are essentially training you to be a trainer, it is possible for time frames to exceed those of a Board & Train.
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